Friday, 21 January 2011

Academic deceit

    After a serious car accident in 1988, professor argent urged me to return to the old university in 2000. I have bought a respect for professor argent, so I went back.

    In 2001 I started talking about the impossibility of carbon dioxide affecting the climate. My PhD got ended.

    2003 I said Harvard University or a video I have made. About how green plants take in carbon dioxide to support all life on earth. My contact in medicine totally agreed with me, but spent the next two years analysing minerals from around the world.

    There he published the results in New Scientist in 2010. There have been no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air for 200 years, and they did find that crop yields have gone up by 15%. Man's carbon dioxide had increased life on earth, but have no conceivable affect on the climate.

    Nuclear power had made up the phantom science of global warming: based on a rising level of carbon dioxide in the air. Total fabrication. Interestingly enough, they had never been an increasing carbon dioxide in the air. So all the editor was rubbish.

    2008 I found the main Energy System for life on earth was molecular nuclear fusion from water: power with no carbon dioxide or toxic radioactive waste. The greatest idea ever. Sheffield and the response is to say that it is 'not important'.

    Sorry, telling people how nature does nuclear fusion on earth is an important? But global warming, tale fiction, was fact? Who ever is responsible for this rubbish at Sheffield University should not be in education.

    2005 the climate started cooling naturally, a exactly as predicted by solar cycles. It will next warm in 2032. Book your holidays now. Don't study climate at Sheffield University. It was a gr thereeat Univ the theersity. I still like to think there are good academics there.

    The science professor argent retired, there are so the stooges to nuclear power there now.

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