Sunday, 2 January 2011

Bacteria fusion


In 1982 I was doing a mentality degree at Sheffield University England. A biology student called Claire Thicket, from Barnsley told me he that growing bacteria give off nuclear radiation. I was incredulous. She was right.

Within the bacterial mitochondria carbon dioxide is combined with water. To form their usual fusion end products: here helium, carbohydrates, oxygen and heat. So bacteria are driven by molecular nuclear fusion.

I didn't think of this idea until 2000, on my PhD into global warming. I discovered that green plants sink all man's carbon dioxide. So we have created more life on earth, but have no possible effect on the weather. As there is no more CO2 in the free air than there was 200 years ago: according to Harvard University.

So climate change was wrong, even before the stooges to nuclear power thought of it. The world started cooling 2005 so global warming was always wrong. What is noticeable about the climate ideas on nuclear power, he's is no possible way that carbon dioxide could have affected the weather.

Even before you factor in their total lack of increase of free CO2 in the air. 0/0 guys!

All life does molecular nuclear fusion. So does man's steam cycle. This is power with no carbon dioxide, and no toxic fission waste. Your own heart does it as it beats. It is that non-toxic.

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