Saturday, 29 January 2011

Bacteria Gas

    All life takes in carbon dioxide and water. And uses it to build bacteria and plant the bulk. It gives out gamma wave radiation and produces helium and oxygen as it does so. Oxygen is the greatest pollutant in earth history. The chemical equation is:

CO2+3H2O ->He+CH4+E1    E1=1.5 x 1024 Watts/g    or 9.5 x 1022 Watts/gram CO2

    There is no argument that by releasing more carbon dioxide than just by breathing out, man has done more for life on earth than by any other means. The global level of carbon dioxide in the air has not changed in 200 years. Though Harvard University found crop yields have gone up by 15%.

    So man-made global warming and climate change were fiction from nuclear power. Who have and cells are toxic death. Unless fatal technology we allow on earth today. Cyanide manufacture or their biological creation of nerve agents is so safe in comparison.

    In the light green plants do biological, molecular, nuclear fusion. According to the above equation. My thanks to Professor Zimmerman for getting me to balance this nuclear equation. This is outside the science taught to me on my master's degree in engineering and metallurgy.

    I was sponsored on my degree by Inco. After graduation I left the company because of my hatred of working for nuclear power. As you may gather, I regard nuclear power as a biggest threat to life on earth however. They invented the phantom science of global warming. But there has been no increase in carbon dioxide in the air for 200 years. So it GW is total fiction.

    For all recorded time, about 3.6 billion years, bacteria in the sea have converted carbon dioxide into carbohydrates: the methane produced by MNF is bonded with more water molecules to form the carbohydrates of life.

    Life converts all the carbon dioxide in the air into new life. Down to two parts per 1,000,000. In a breath test was that sensitive, a pint of cider two weeks ago would reindeer unfit to drive.

    Carbon dioxide is the gas of life. Both bacteria and plants release some of this gas into the air of the sea. It is release to the sea where he bombs with more water molecules. To form the metastable methyl hydrate:

CH4+n(H2O) -> CH5(H2O)nOH

    This white solid collects on the sea floor. When we have a tectonic adjustment this abducts down to the mantel where, and collects in mantle pockets. In their ears exposed platinum metal this polymer rise is to form oil.

m(CH5(H2O)nOH -> Cm(H2O)n

    This is the generic equation for all fossil oil on earth. If we do not have exposed platinum metal, the mantle pocket fills with methane gas, and water.

    The formation of the fossil oil coincides with a death of the dinosaurs 65,000,000 years ago. When the comet crashed into Mexico and caused global tectonic adjustment. But bacteria are still converting carbon dioxide into methyl hydrate.

    Today this solid is collecting on sea beds. If we robot mind the dust from the Irish State way only bring it up to the surface and reduce the pressure to one bar, we will get bubbles of methane gas coming off. This is natural gas.

    There as we burn it, deep sea bacteria will convert it back into methyl hydrate. There will be no possible effect on the weather. Life on earth ensures there can never be an increase in free carbon dioxide, outside of an ice-age.

    That's interesting. Carbon dioxide levels only rise in ice-ages. Man has no effect on the level of carbon dioxide in the air. Releasing more carbon dioxide increases life on earth. Having new nuclear plants massively decreases life on earth. Chernobyl shows that one. nuclear plant can spraying radioactive waste over a third of a continent.

    Robot mining methyl hydrate will give the UK and endless supply of biologically regenerated methane.

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