Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Biological MNF

    Life on earth does

CO2+3H2O+E1->CH4+He+3O+γ+E2    where E1 is light or fluid turbulence

    This means you breathe out methane, helium and free radical oxygen. And give out gamma wave radiation as you heart beats. It is totally safe. Unlike toxic nuclear fission, which no life does.

    Molecular nuclear fusion goes off from regular water and carbon dioxide, and its most dangerous end product is 14C. This is why carbon dates work. All biology does biological MNF. This is non toxic and four times as exothermic as nuclear fission. This is why nuclear power is so against carbon fuels.

    Extra CO2 emissions translates to more life on earth. Doing nuclear fusion. Waterfalls and breaking waves also do it just from water. A steam plasma tube can replace all burning of fossil fuels.

    There is no reason to allow nuclear fission to occur on this or any other planet.

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