Saturday, 15 January 2011

Clean Power

The gentle buffeting of rain drops in a heavy rainstorm does molecular nuclear fusion. The Alpha particles carrying the positive charge to above the clouds. The hydroxyl ions carrying the negative charge to the ground.

    When we have a 5000 volts potential we get ½ MW down strike. This is coals by the gentle drift of electoral holes in the moist air. We then get a 1.2 x 1020 megawatts up strike for three sections. This produces helium, ozone, gamma wave radiation and heat. The ozone results from free radical oxygen bonding with molecular oxygen in the air.

    No carbon dioxide. No toxic fission waste. Free. Around the earth there is one lightning strike every three seconds. This fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is life. Without lightening there would be no life on earth.

    If you do the maths this equates to 6 MW of heat, per metre from a CM two diameter, for a steam plasma two. One such tube would power and heat a house for free. With no carbon dioxide or toxic radioactive waste.

    And lightening goes off for free from regular water: An end to man's energy problem

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