Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Curing HIV

    When a person has an infection they are subject to the carbon pathogen genome –I had term of pathogen base. This is common to all infections out there.

    There are also a series of pathogen specific pathogen leaders. These damp down the host immune system and gave me section its specific characteristics.

    Giant apes have endemic SIV: Simean infectious virus is a non fatal viral infection of the giant apes. When Africans started hunting primates for the faint, one of the font is have open wounds on their homes and SIV enters the human infection arena.

    The SIV acquired the trick of making three human chemokines as pathogen leaders. It was her HIV, a weak human virus which doing uses the host's immune system. It worked rather too well, and let's to AIDs.

    The person then dies through another, usually non fatal infection life pneumonia.

    If we gave a person with pneumonia a drip of interleukin two and four, their own immune system would make an action the active human antibody to this infection.

    This trick also works for the common cold and other infections.

    The IL-4 seeks out none human genome and makes the active antibody to it. Usually the Union System makes IL-4 in response to four infections doing cell damage, from rapid body it cell budding –a pathogen characteristic.

    A multi celled organism only plants from the stem cells, except in the womb. Like childbirth is a viral addition to our reptilian nature.

    In the adult the drip of interleukin two and four will make and action the active antibody to all foreign genome in the body. The body plays host to empathic bacteria in the gut. The human body is a reptilian, pathogen symbiot.

    The drip of interleukin two and four will make an action the active antibody to HIV. The virus makes this antibody at a lower level, to serve press the immune action we would normally expect.

    Antibodies below the level to initiate an immune action desensitise the immune system to the antibody. It shows the hemeostsis.

    Once we have the antibody by can produce it in pill form. They only take the course of pills we get the sudden spike of the antibody at above the level required to initiate the immune system.

    The body thus removes the week virus. The IL-2 actions the antibody, and activates the NK cells to clear pathogen altered T cells.

    We play the immune system at its own game. It makes the antibody at a lower level to suppress the immune action to clear HIV. We despite the antibody to clear the HIV.

    I have a master's degree in Engineering Systems. It is pleasing to find the immune system obeys the same roles of positive and negative feedback.

    One big inside the mine is that there is a threshold of the antibody to clear an infection. I make videos on this to share my ideas with the world.

    Yesterday I got a message to say I killed her HIV. 85% are my video views are about my heater the videos. I have found 200,000 hits, which I think he's a record for a private individual for no commercial links.

    I am in touch with the NIH, Harvard a Cambridge –about immunology. Medics from around the world view my videos and do not correct them.

    The immunology is from Riott et al 'Immunology' vr4. One of the tragedies of her HIV is as it does no cell damage. So if we cure that the virus, but do not change our behaviour, a person will contract it again.

    Another course of our antibody pills will clear the infection again. Even if it shifs genome enough of the genome will be common, and pills will still work.

    From my imput from the NIH it appears the same idea will also work for cancer and MS.


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