Monday, 10 January 2011


    In 1983 I was taught about the permeativity of free space within Chemical Engineering at Sheffield University. A the most I'm doing to help the advantage. So we get

T'=PfT    Where Pf-permeate energy of free space

        T'= local time

        T = universal time.

    It turns out that gravity affects the permeativity of free space. So we slow time down. It has a range of ideas between zero and one.

Around neutrons cells we have the highest density of matter in the universe. Even their time does not stop. So have various speeds of time, but they are all the travelling towards.

    After a star has fuse all its helium, nuclear fusion stops. The star contracts 1000 times and becomes a brown giant. It has spin and he is still in this universe.

    On closer inspection of the candidates for black holes turns out they have dimensions and spin. They also display great gravitational lensing.

    We can only get at their size by the displacement of the background stars. We can deduce the spin rate they are producing a radiation jet.

    That's interesting, nothing can escape a black hole. Physicist say we have hawking radiation from the event horizon.

    So black holes are not black, and not poles. That size thing is very important. So is the fact they are no longer radiant.

    Light drive back interstellar antimatter. There is as much antimatter in the universe as matter. But it does not attract other antimatter, and so does our form stars.

    Instead hanging out in interstellar space as a very diffuse missed. This gives light a red shift. So the further light travels in outer space and more red shift it shows.

    The universe is not expanding. That is old, incorrect thinking. Antimatter attracted to matter. A brown giant has an in fall of antimatter. This permeates its matrix. Making it gradually less attractive.

    Such stars often emit X rays. Then all man critical day it ceases to be attractive. And goes nova, or super never. It is the usual end of red giants.

    Which is why we see so many nova in the universe. The universe cannot expand as there is nothing for it to expand into and the. This would mean everything shrinks. I don't feel myself reducing in size. Do you?

    When a star goes nova its scatters its matter through space. As this matter is not hydrogen it will not an annihilate with the anti hydrogen. But instead will be drawn into new stars.

    There was no big bang, there will be no the crunch. Matter cycles two and from energy and antimatter. Outer space is of antimatter and low powered radiation.

    Space ships will find the journey times to other stars prohibited. Even with engines driven by molecular nuclear fusion.

    In 2001 Sheffield University, UK, decided to end my PhD on the climate for no reason. Other than the fact I noticed that nature does molecular nuclear fusion from water.

    Power with no carbon dioxide, and no toxic fission waste.

Jonathan Thomason

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