Saturday, 22 January 2011

Every year

    For man-made global warming to be true, the carbon dioxide level in the free air would have to be higher every year. Man made emit 20% of the carbon dioxide, but green plants sink 100%. They convert CO2 into more life on earth. I think you see the problem here.

    As Harvard University has noted, free carbon dioxide in the air has not increased over the last two centuries. In the little ice-age it was at 4 ppm, since then he's has been at 2 ppm. The late 18th century was the coldest time holiday history. So obviously carbon dioxide doesn't warm the air. All there never would have been an ice-age.

    Instead it reacts to the amount of plant life their ears on earth. Man is carbon dioxide has increase the life on earth, but have no conceivable effect on the weather. So where did Global Warming come from? It was unsubstatiated fiction from nuclear power. All people making money from an made global warming or climate change are there paid stooges to nuclear power.

    Global Warming was meant to affect all the world, all the time. It was not proposed that the average temperature should rise. Rather than all the world temperatures would rise. So the hot countries would be hotter, as warms the cold ones.

    The average temperature idea was introduced in 2005 as the world temperatures began to drop. I have been to India, Asia, Africa, Europe and at the end of every an insert the maker. Every country I have been to, the levels have complained that things are colder.

    Not that the average of more temperature has fallen. The countries of the world of the older. I have not mean to Antarctic. If Antarctic was warmer, this would be so good.

2008 the U.S. Have a record breaking winter. 2010 the UK had one. Do you see a pattern here? The world is demonstrably cooling, as carbon dioxide has been fixed at 2 ppm for two centuries. Nuclear power got to global warming wrong.

    2005, they renamed their fiction 'climate change'. What they meant was 'global cooling'. Nothing to do with carbon dioxide or man.

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