Friday, 28 January 2011

Global warming was a fraud

    You were taught, when you were 11, that plants took in carbon dioxide, and build plant bulk with it. They excreted oxygen. Animals actually evolved to convert the oxygen of plant bulk back into carbon dioxide, and life hit a brick wall in the cretaceous when there wasn't enough carbon dioxide in the air.

    In 1983 nuclear power he is the Chernobyl. This sprayed radioactive waste over a third of Asia. Surely after this there would be no more nuclear plants. Margret Thatcher approved Sizewell B, but this took over a decade to begin operation: the environmental protests were so large.

    Nuclear power realised they must be seen as green. They used their money to buy academics. Over the years has cost them over ¼ billion pound. That has been the cost of getting science professors to ignore their high school biology.

    They had eaten up by Harvard University. In 2008 they did the mineral analysis from around the world. They dated the rocks using radioactive phosphorus dating, as radiocarbon dating doesn't work with rocks: you may gather here, I am a metallurgist who knows about radioactivity.

    August 2010 they published their results in New Scientist. There had been no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air for 200 years. There had been a 15% increase in crop yields.

    That's interesting: nuclear power proposed that the increasing carbon dioxide since the industrial revolution have affected the weather. So from 1880 to the present day.

    In the little ice-age free carbon dioxide was at four parts per 1,000,000. But for last 200 years it has been at two parts per 1,000,000. So it was highly in an ice-age, there has fallen and remained static at a lower level.

    As biology predicted life on earth has increased. The weather is eternal result of solar cycles. They predicted that 1983 was a in a natural warming phase. Which would end in 2005.

    Says 2005 the world has been cooling. Since then nuclear power has pushed 'climate change': which is her name for global cooling. All the academics who wrote papers for nuclear power now looks very stupid.

    These are the people that should not be involved at any level in education. Global warming was phantom science to scare the stupid. Nuclear power used amenable academics to write fiction. Real free to e-mail me their names.

    I am More nuclear plants will cost the earth, and kill us all. Greenpeace used to promote global warming. No they don't. They just keep totally silent on the subject.

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