Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The IPCC are nuclear

    Nuclear power realised they were unpopular after Chernobyl. So they gave money to the funding agencies. They set up the 'independent panel on climate change'. I pointed out 18 months ago they were not independent. So they are now the 'the international panel on climate change'

    They are staffed with people amenable to nuclear power. Economists, statisticians but no climatologists that I know about. Their brief in 1983 was to make up stories why nuclear fission should be legal around the world. It is polluting, toxic and produces waste which is lethal for hundreds of thousands of years. So this was a tap brief.

    We have just come out of a period when scientists have been predicting the next ice-age for 20 years. Then we had 1976. The warmest summer since 1938 -as you will remember (joke). We work into a 28 year long period of natural climate warming.

    It is all determined by solar cycles, and the weather was due to cool from 2005. Right on the nose, it did so. The

    Nuclear power reckoned by then it would have secured a new generation of nuclear plants. That hope expired with Kyoto. That was or high water mark of global warming. 95% of academic professionals disputed global warming. The other 5% were funded by nuclear power.

    Nuclear did a thorough job. They paid monies to the papers every time they use the words 'global warming'. All the academic stooges were wrong footed when the world began to cool. So nuclear power invented the fiction of man-made climate-change.

    We now have the serious situation when we have 'global warming by global cooling'. I think nuclear power needs to invest in a new dictionary. Or any factual reading matter. All the academic stooges have no place in education.

    Nuclear power phase massive amounts of money for people to do their PR. Academics have sold themselves cheaply. The IPCC forecast the world would warm by 4.5, 5.8 and 6° C. For no reason.

    But the idea of global warming, was it would affect the whole world. I have been to Asia, Europe, America and a number I am in South America. Australia has experienced 50 year plants. Nuclear power was having a big push to get nuclear power plant in this nuclear power free country. The UK in 2010 had the coldest December on record. The U.S. have there's 2008.

    That one just went down the plughole. Or it would do if you can swim 10 feet below the surface of the water to the plug in the floods at Queensland. The world climate will next warm 2032, by which time there will be no nuclear power from uranium on earth.

    Nature does loads of molecular nuclear fusion. This is safe, clean, and free. Producing helium and oxygen. No enrichment required. No buying metal ore from politically unstable countries in Africa. Regular water from any river will do.

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