Friday, 21 January 2011

Letter to Sheffield University. UK

Gas analysis

    I was doing a PhD at the old university which has a world wide reputation for gas analysis. Since the phantom science of global warming was made he has to Chernobyl in 1983, on the second year of my undergraduate degree Sheffield University has taken many samples of the air from the countryside.

    This shows carbon dioxide was that a free industrial two parts per 1,000,000. How do I know? My cancer a contact at Harvard University checked minerals from around the world.

    In city centres, basically at diesel exhausts, carbon dioxide in the free air is at a higher level. But in the countryside green plants sink all the available carbon dioxide. That was the sort of thinking which professor argent instilled in me.

    OK, I waited for my ideas to be confirmed –because I am not a biologist. And it was her to my area. I made a video to this effect in 2007.

    In 2010 in the August edition of New Scientist they published their results. Cities are such a small area of the world's surface they have no importance for the world climate.

    Through history carbon dioxide in the free air has reacted to the natural climate swings, which are totally dependent on predictable solar cycles. Never has carbon dioxide forced the world climate.

    For last 200 years carbon dioxide has been fixed at two ppm. There can be no possible effect on the world climate. Check your records. That was what my PhD was about.

    OK, Dr. Matzinger asked me to fix man-made global warming. Nature made into a cooling phase in 2005. So nuclear power started pushing climate change. To explain why the climate was not getting warmer, though there seemed carbon dioxide levels are rising.

    Nuclear power was wrong. They obviously flunked high school biology. Carbon dioxide is pegged by green plants.

    While he was my PhD ended? I deserve it. I have sold the biggest problem out there.

    I went further, nature does molecular nuclear fusion from water. In fields of green crops, growing bacteria, breaking waves, animal blood systems. Mankind does it via the steam cycle.

    Hot-smokers do it by the venting of geothermal steam into high pressure sea water. And support massive ecosystems. The number of students this would occur at Sheffield University is off the ground.

    Instead I am writing drama for the radio. Explain. I dictate my vote is known to my computer. I think the computer has tight it correctly, apologies if it has made errors.

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