Saturday, 29 January 2011

Life does fusion

    Or around and in us nature is turning water into helium, oxygen, low power gamma wave radiation and heat. The gamma rays are stops by even the side of the kettle.

    Green plants in the light of produce helium and gamma rays: they do light induced molecular nuclear fusion. This is why water supports life. Life needs the energy from MNF.

    Waterfalls and deep lakes do MNF. Here it is at turbulence of high pressure water, or interaction with dropping water onto river water which does MNF.

    Growing bacteria do it. As I was told by a biologist in 1982. She told me that growing bacteria give off nuclear radiation. I laughed with incredulity.

    Animal blood systems give out gamma rays as the heartbeats. We see MNF in the heart and arteries. Biological systems used MNF to turn carbon dioxide into methane.

    This is why you breathe out helium and methane. And is the source of free radical oxygen. Unless you're a green plant there is no help benefit in taking antioxidants.

    Photosynthesis produces so much free radical oxygen, because of the high levels of MNF we see with plants.

    It is ironic that nuclear power has waged a war against carbon dioxide. Nature is powered by MNF induced by carbon dioxide. Nuclear power from uranium is toxic, polluting and fatal. It creates toxic waste which kills for hundreds of thousands of years.

    A steam plasma tube copy is lightning. You guessed it, lightning gives off gamma wave radiation as it forms helium, and it's free radical oxygen forms ozone.

    The countryside, waterfalls and animal respiration all form ozone. The equations are

CO2+3H2O -> He+CH4+3O.+γ+E        Where E= 1.5 x 1024 Watts per g of he.

H2O ->He+O.+ γ+E

    I told Sheffield University the genesis of this in 2001. They ended my PhD for no reason. This is 2011, they have not lacked the world no only about it. So I thought I would tell you direct.

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