Sunday, 9 January 2011

Life sinks global warming

    Green plants evolved in the cretaceous when there was 40% carbon dioxide in the air. I am not a biologist, so I do not know if were ice-ages in the cretaceous. It does not seem impossible.

    So green plants took in carbon dioxide down to two parts per 1,000,000. Then they hit a problem. They could only take in during the day the carbon dioxide they release at night. They took in some of the oxygen they had excreted during the day, and combined it with carbohydrates. This produced an engineer. Via the animal half of the carbon cycle.


The plant half of the carbon cycle is

CO2↓+3H2O->CH4+He+3O. ↑+E2

    So we observe the air that life is powered by biological, molecular, nuclear fusion from water. We also see MNF from hydrocarbons, ammonia and other compounds of hydrogen. That the usual molecule on earth is water, as high pressure warm liquid or steam.

    We cannot detect the nuclear radiation. From fields of green crops. From animal hearts and arteries. From growing bacteria. Also from physical systems. Like waterfalls, breaking waves, or hot-smokers.

    Hot smokers in the deep sea are very interesting. As bacteria immersed in superheated water, boil as the pressure is released, so supporting massive ecosystems. So we have a combination of biological and physical MNF.

    The fact that boiling water does MNF is very important as it allows man to run his machines by the energy released from water boiling off. As we see in steam engine. This will outperform diesel engines. So the industrial revolution was driven by unintentional nuclear fusion.

    We haven't come a very long way. We insist now on using toxic nuclear fission to generate power. This is fatal, polluting, and uneconomic bomb technology. This kills. That was what it was designed to do.

    Our own hearts do physical MNF.

H2O->He+O+E3+γ+ turbulence    oh I should say, γ is gamma wave radiation. The Es are heat energy.

    Nature has no problem using the turbulent flow of water or high pressure steam to turn water into helium, oxygen and a lot heat. In time we lose the helium to space. And gain hydrogen gas. At lightning strikes we get back our water.

    Lightening is interesting. The gentle buffeting of rain drops in a store gives out gamma wave radiation and produces heat –it does physical MNF. The Alpha particles carrying the positive charge to above the clouds.

    The negatively charged hydroxyl molecules fall to the ground. When we have 5000 volts as the driving potential, we get a down strike of 100 amps. This is half a megawatt of power. No source is produced by the gentle drift of electoral holes.

    This sets up a partial steam plasma between the ground and the clouds. We then get a massive up strike. One estimate is 1.2 x 1020 megawatts. This is more than the power usage of America for or recorded time. There is one lightning strike lasting three seconds every three seconds around the earth.

    This combines the largely inept nitrogen with oxygen to form NOx, and so nitrous acid. This fertilises all plant life on earth. Without it there would be no life on earth. So a lightning is MNF twice over.

    And nobody has studied this. Or understood that lightening IS nuclear fusion on earth. We often suspected, but nobody explained to me how this was possible.

    If we scale down a 1.5 kilometre lightning bolt to a one metre long last two, we are going to produce 6 MW continuously, once we have initiated the plasma. It uses no fossil fuels, produces no carbon dioxide, and uses no toxic metal oxide fission tubes.

    You may guess, in my past I did work or a heavy engineering firm. They did nuclear work, so when I could, I left.

    Molecular nuclear fusion turns water into helium, oxygen, low power gamma waves and heat. When you boil a kettle to make a drink, you are doing MNF. Here the gamma waves are so low powered they can't fight their way out of the kettle body.

    The gamma wave radiation from nuclear power is high powered and fatal. The gamma waves from MNF are produced from a beating heart, so the low power and safe.

    Plants metabolise carbon dioxide, so there was no build-up of this gas in the air to affect the weather. There was just more life on earth. Conventional power boosts life. Nuclear fission from uranium kills it. In an uneconomic polluting way.

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