Sunday, 23 January 2011

Limit to life

    Well as 11 I was taught at the limit to life on earth was available carbon dioxide in the air. That is ¼ century year. Darwin the would have taught you the same things there. At the end of the Jurassic 60% of all life on earth died, and went down into the deep and formed the fossil fuels.

    They are fossilised life. By burning the fossil fuels we are releasing that life from the steep stranglehold back to active life on earth. Harvard University found that the free carbon dioxide in the air hasn't changed in 200 years.

    Since the evolution of green plants, how could it. They found that crop yields have gone up by 15%. I would have expected the total life on earth to have gone up by 20%. But we get more plants, and more animals that eat them. So we would have expected plant life to increase by 15%.

    The thing which has not changed is the free carbon dioxide in the air. It is pegged at two parts per 1,000,000: 0.0002%. There static level for last two centuries. There is no evidence that carbon dioxide has never affected the weather. The weather affects it, via the wax and wane of green plants. So carbon dioxide rises and falls for years after the climate.

    It goes up in an ice-age, so in the 17th century it went up to four parts per 1,000,000. We are headed into another ice-age now, so maybe he carbon dioxide will rise. This will reflect the cooling climate. It will not warm the air.

    Man made global warming was devised by nuclear power to distract people from Chernobyl. In 2005, Global Warming was so obviously wrong, they changed to man-made climate change.

    Which wrong footed all the academic stooges. So know we have 'global warming through climate change'. Climate change was meant to be that the weather will be more violent. No we have whether that is more tranquil, wetter, and cooler.

    Global warming was meant to warm all of the world's climate all the time. Not an average figure. All the world's climate. It is so obviously wrong. All the university's that her generated an income from studying man-made global warming or climate change should return money as the science is rubbish.

    An increase in carbon dioxide is biological rubbish. An 11 year old child would tell you that. Nuclear power obviously failed O level biology. They are toxic death. Their plants kill, pollute and produce toxic waste which remains toxic for hundreds of thousands of years.

    They are the primary target for all acts of terrorism. They are uneconomic. We now know that nature gets at power by doing molecular nuclear fusion on water. This produces helium, oxygen, and heat.

    Your own beating heart does it. As does a flame of fossil fuels. Or a working steam cycle. So man can easily generate all his power by using very little water. We gain hydrogen from space, and at lightning strikes get back our water. We lose the helium to space, so there is no build up of the C no gas in the air.

    Carbon dioxide is the gas of life. Nuclear fission from uranium is the technology of death. Watch the videos on Chernobyl if you need a reminder.

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