Monday, 17 January 2011

Making water

    I am an engineer so did not realise there is an over sufficiency of green plants on earth. As you release more carbon dioxide on that day you get more green plants to take it in,

    These produce oxygen, and support more animals. The limit to life on earth is available carbon dioxide in the air. This means man-made global warming and climate change as the bastard children of nuclear power.

    In 2000 I was looking at better deceleration methods. The simplest way he to decelerate water he's are back in power attached to an open ended ten feet high tower in the sea.

    As you pump out the water, and around 6 feet of pressure head, the water begins to boil. The remaining water the use the plant is cold brine: drawing in new warm water.

    The gas we pump out is pure, desalinated, water. An endless supply of pure water. We use to irrigate the hot dry lands of the earth. We import soil from the sea bed. We need to wash the salt out of it.

    We can turn the deserts of the world back into the lush rainforest. This is so worth doing. Though only three per cent of the area of the globe rainforest support 60% of all life on earth.

    With no increase in free carbon dioxide in the air fall last 200 years, something else controls the climate: my money is on solar cycles. Which are predictable.

    They predicted the world would cool from 2005. It did. No sensible question ever has the answer 'nuclear fission'.


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