Friday, 28 January 2011


    I think I had my injuring properties lectures in the first time, 1983, Thursday afternoons at 2.00 PM. A may be wrong here.

    Titanium metal capitalises the hydrogenation of animal and plant fats. That's doing electrolysis of water at 99 Celsius should do MNF.

    Welcome to the contentious 'cold fusion'. To boast the MNF we are doing, run the system at four bar. It will now operate at 120 C.

    Get a toy steam engine, or borrow a full size engine from Kalum island. Titanium plate the working surfaces of the engine and you will double its power.

    Their whole working IC engines in the mechanical engineering practical laboratories. Spend 10 UK pounds to titanium plate the engine. Convert the engine to a lean burn cycle.

    You will get the same power output for half the fuel burn. Suit double the power for the same fuel, and half the carbon dioxide power plants. All the properties of the engine are on record.

    In a car factory titanium plate the working surfaces of a petrol or diesel engine. Again we want a lean burn comparator.

    We double the performance of the erosion, Halim its emission of carbon dioxide.

    Global Warming and Climate Change were pluralistic science. Plants have taken in all man's carbon dioxide since the industrial revolution. So every science professor on the planet knew that man had no effect on the climate through his engine's emission of carbon dioxide –the gas of life.

    I have been telling Professor Zimmerman this one for four years. He has never commented. The use of titanium metal can are the amount of fossil fuels rumours for them to get out heat and power.

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