Friday, 21 January 2011

My PhD

    In 2000 I told Sheffield University that global warming appears to the phantom science. There was two little carbon dioxide in the air, though I can find any Harvard date are on it. It seen to be in the interests of nuclear power, and suddenly evolved as idea after Chernobyl. This seemed too convenient.

    Sheffield ended my PhD for no reason and with no award. I continued working climate, and forecast in 2003 that the world would leave its natural warming phase in 2005: it was all down to the natural solar cycles. Hence we have also signed the fifties. And the warmest year on record was 1938.

    Global warming was meant to affect the entire planet, all the time. In the UK we have not had a summer for four years. 2010 was the coldest December on record. 2008 sort the heaviest snowfalls in the U.S. on record.

    2005, the world started cooling. I can't be bothered to say I told you so. That I did: the world will next warm in 2032. Put it in your diaries. Carbon dioxide follows the wax and wane of plants. This follows the climate. So historically carbon dioxide likes four years between the natural warming and cooling of the air.

    There it goes up in an ice-age, when there are fewer plants. So in the little ice-age it was at four parts per 1,000,000. I made a video on the subject 2007. 2010 Harvard University published the results of mineral analysis from around the world. For the last 200 years carbon dioxide has been fixed at two parts per 1,000,000 every night around the temperate zone.

    This is the minimum level for photosynthesis to take in carbon dioxide. Air moves, so there is an annual variation around the two PPM level. The scientists at the South Pole are in e-mail content than me.

    Apparently my videos are required viewing at the start pole. Al Gore misused the ice core records. None of the frontline scientists down there think that global warming is the anything more than phantom science.

    2005 nuclear power have the problem: the climate had turned, but global warming was any essay got to building new plants soon as Chernobyl sprayed radioactive death across a third of Asia. So they gave the world climate change. To say carbon dioxide summer has only to do with the weather.

    It does. It follows the natural weather. Or the other nuclear power meant: tough, that is how nature works.

    Plants take in carbon dioxide to 2 ppm. A level which has not changed for 200 years.

    Nature is powered by doing molecular nuclear fusion on water. Man is steam cycle produces gamma wave radiation and helium, plus water and heat as it does it. Power with no CO2.

    Now we know this we can design nuclear fusion plants that man of regular water, and produce no radioactive waste. There only product is heat. Not the toxic death on nuclear fusion: which are not being allowed on this planet.

    I thought of this in 2008. However Sheffield University reward this novel thinking. By saying it is not important. Excuse me, the single biggest science idea ever been told to me revolutionise the energy business. And will improve life for everybody on earth.

    That produces safe, clean, nearly free power. Is not important. Sheffield is said confirm to do their PR by nuclear power. Presumably for a lot of money. That is not the act of a good university.

    Can I have my PhD now. And then you can get on an research MNF. Or are you doing there any way, and he is got near to loop. After all I only thought of it. There is loads about evidence of nature doing it. There is even evidence of man is steam engines doing it. How can he had been nine this is a vital process, which will change the future!

Oh by the way, the world cooled by more in 2007 than he'd have warmed in the whole of the 28th century. CO2 was at a pre-industrial two PPM though, the level it have been out since the little ice-age.

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