Sunday, 16 January 2011

Nature burns water

    Professor Zimmerman pointed out to me that the turbulent flow of hydrogen gas to give nuclear fusion: where the kinetic interaction exceeds the strong atomic force for hydrogen. A helical turbulence heat exchanger, where one of the lakes is hydrogen gas would do nuclear fusion. Professor Zimmerman also expressed interest in helical turbulence.

    My PhD got ended in 2001 as I started talking about a working steam engine giving off nuclear radiation: this was data are told to me on my degree in 1984. It means the industrial revolution was powered by nuclear fusion; was he started using the expansive steam cycle.

    2003, a web document entitled 'Nuclear Fusion In Molecular Systems' got me thinking about molecular nuclear fusion from molecular hydrogen, life water. It turns out nature is driven by it.

    In the deep sea, fields of green crops, growing bacteria, animal blood systems, waterfalls, the moist air and breaking waves. So your own beating heart and arteries do it as the blood flows around the body.

    MNF gives out gamma rays and helium. Biological systems also turn carbon dioxide into methane. So you breathe out helium and methane. Your body emits gamma wave radiation and your arteries, heart and mitochondria produced free radical oxygen.

    Nature produces ozone from free radical oxygen and molecular oxygen. In the countryside, waterfalls, deep water and in the see. We see most MNF over the deep see currents of high pressure, cold water at 3 C, as it flows back to the equator. 60% of the heat the earth gets is from MNF.

    Magma chambers do it. It is as if they had a miniature, no longer radiant sun. At hot-smokers geothermal steam vents into high pressure water. The turbulence gives us MNF. But this down sets up a free steam plasma. This does loads of MNF.

    So supporting the growth of bacterial Colonies. And these in turn support a massive ecosystem away from all solar radiation. They are not supported by the high temperatures. They are supported by the MNF.

    We can prove this he easily using a submersible Geiger counter. All through nature we get are expected gamma wave radiation releases. Some chemical reactions go further, and emit X rays. Even gamma rays are beyond the enthalpy release of chemical reactions.

    Diesel and petrol engines emit nuclear radiation, as they produce helium. As I was told at Sheffield University in 1983. I was also told steam engines do more than a diesel. This is because a steam engine does most MNF.

    To increase the MNF with engines, we should titanium plate them. As I was taught in Engineering Systems on my degree. We can use some science from the 1950s. Have a boiler we loop back 20% of the higher pressure steam. This alone will keep the boiler in a state of boiling. And produce 80% of it steam to drive engines.

    We can use Professor Zimmerman's idea here. We pass the use steam through a helical turbulence heat exchanger. And return 85% of the system heat to the boiler room. As this includes 20% MNF heat from all the nuclear fusion we are doing in the steam engine, we get back 100% of the system heat.

    So need to loop back no steam. For my money we go in for a steam plasma tubes to super heat the steam. While we top them up with water the plasma for self-sustain ones started.

    A lightning bolt shows us the idea. We do not need to do expensive, toxic, polluting and fatal nuclear fission from uranium. Molecular nuclear fusion from water is nontoxic, clean, safe and free. Power with no carbon dioxide, or toxic radioactive waste. From regular, non-enriched water.

    Interestingly enough plant photosynthetic organs enrich water using a semi permeable membrane: as Dr. MatZinger told me 2008.

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