Friday, 14 January 2011

Nuclear fusion is all around us

    Where nature has high pressure water or steam in turbulent flow we see the creation of helium, oxygen, gamma wave radiation and heat. It does molecular nuclear fusion. My thanks go to professor Argent who have the year with the name.

    Man's steam cycle does the same. So the industrial revolution occurred as man first started doing nuclear fusion. On earth it goes off from molecular hydrogen, life water. We C it also are from ammonia, ethanol, hydrocarbon refineries.

    For two long has physics said 'nuclear fusion is our'. As suns do nuclear fusion. But physicists have no idea how to go about doing it. I should have passed an engineer. Or a biologist. The turbulence of fluid boiling gives us nuclear fusion.

    On suns the boiling of high pressure hydrogen gas creates the temperature of 10,000,000 C. On earth where we have 10M C we can be sure we are doing nuclear fusion. That temperature does not give us nuclear fusion, it means we are doing nuclear fusion.

    In the deep seas the turbulent flow of sea water at 3 C, as cold polar water flows back to the equator produces helium, oxygen, gamma wave radiation and is responsible for the evaporation of sea water to form close. Yes, the deep seas do MNF. At 3 C. Their heat of the nuclear fusion here is transferred into the evaporation of water so we don't see the 10M C the.

    As ice sheets slip on boundary layers of liquid water under pressure, we get an avalanche. Which forms nuclear radiation and the other fusion products. Nobody has ever being caught in an avalanche would be surprised the ice is doing MNF.

    Before we have a volcanic eruption we get the emission of steam through a vent. A steam is in turbulent flow. And forms the fusion product. The volcanic eruption is us fusion driven by MNF.

    The way to stop eruptions is to drill down into the magma chamber of dormant volcanoes, and slowly vent the geothermal steam. Are you listening Greenland? Get some drilling rates, you have six volcanoes to vent. And stop eruptions in your country.

    Life is a major fusion system. Green plants in the light, animal blood systems and growing bacteria all produce the fusion products.

    With plants UV light capitalises MNF at the photoblasts, the photosynthetic organ. Where we have the turbulent flow of water, around biological catalysts. And we produce helium, free radical oxygen, gamma wave radiation and heat.

    So all these years professors of biology actually had to nuclear fusion going on in their laboratories. Professors of physics knew this, they knew about the emission of gamma waves, but thought not to tell biologists what was going on. That way physics got the money, biology did not.

    The human heart produces gamma wave radiation. Your blood stream for of free radical oxygen because of the MNF going on in your heart, arteries and a new mitochondria. The heart and arteries do the old trick of pressure waves on aqueous solution. Mitochondria evolved from photoblasts, and years biological catalysts.

    Growing bacteria are like raindrops in electric fields. We get off gamma waves from both. Lightning is set up by the gentle coalition of rain drops in a storm, doing MNF. Where we have a potential of 5000 volts we get a down strike, which sets up a steam plasma. This is driven by this lower drift of electoral holes in the charged particles of the rain storm.

    We then get a massive up strike of an estimated 1.2 x 1020 Watts for three seconds. We then get the search of electrons from the OH—hydroxyl molecules which have fallen to the ground, linking up with the He2+ = Alpha particles which collect above the clouds.

    Lightning creates NOx, which falls to the ground fertilising plant growth. Without it, there would be no life on earth. Animal life produces compounds of ammonia. By doing MNF. But with no plants, there would be no animals.

    Plants take in all the available carbon dioxide. So for 30 years biology is the world over have formed over in amusement, at the nuclear idea that man is production of carbon dioxide would increase their free CO2 in the air. It doesn't. It just increases life on earth.

    Nuclear power is still toxic death. Watch the videos out there on Chernobyl and he'll get the idea. Nuclear power invented the phantom science of global warming to try and get new plants. Nature did not play along.

    In 2007 the world climate cooled by 0.7 C. In the 28th century it warmed by 0.6 C. All through history the world climate has lurched naturally, between ice-ages and warm periods. It could never have anything to do with man's carbon dioxide. As it happened before man even evolved.

    It must really annoyed physicists, that nature does molecular nuclear fusion around and in us. Producing a whiff of helium and oxygen gases. The gamma waves are so low powered they cannot from the kettle as you boil water.

    Cooking food boils water. And this does molecular nuclear fusion. I have struggling to find an Energy System that does not use MNF. A flame of fossil fuels does it. As does the steam cycle used by nuclear power.

    We do not need to use toxic metal fission rods. We can bubble steam through water, and get 10 times the amount a steam. So we loop back down percent of it. After we have pass the steam through a turbine we pass the spent steam through fire rockets in the boiler.

    Then on to a helical turbulence heat exchanger: the idea of Professor Zimmerman. We years the Carnot system to milk the last of the heat out of the steam. We then produced water and 110 C. Which we return to the boiler room, at four bars pressure –so liquid water.

    The MNF that that goes in the boiler room and turbine hall offsets our efficiency losses. So we get back 100% of the system heat. I told Sheffield University this in 2001. They ended my PhD. For no reason.

    Except man-made global warming was their big cash cow of academia. 2005, they now push man-made climate change. Which is another name for the natural weather. Meanwhile nature gets on with doing molecular nuclear fusion.

    Which is how man has his future, and reaches the stars.

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