Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Plant fusion

    Green plants take in carbon dioxide and water. May produce helium, oxygen, methane, gamma wave radiation and heat: welcome to biological, molecular, nuclear fusion. It is off capitalise by UV light and biological catalysts in their photoblasts. The turbulent flow of water in the photo synthetic organ also helps.

    We can obtain carbon dioxide by cooling the air. We then bubble it into water to form hot carbolic acid. We an past this at moderate pressures over a honeycomb of titanium metal. We get out helium, oxygen, methane and gamma wave radiation by doing engineering MNF.

    We then separate out the methane, which is basically natural gas. We vent the helium and oxygen to the air. The helium is lost to space, as happens today from deep MNF. Life in the deep is supported by MNF from water. We should look and see how it all works.

    We sell the methane as natural gas. No sulphur dioxide in it, but hey, you will burn as gas. Combining with the oxygen we have vented to get back our CO2, helium, water, gamma wave radiation and heat. Yes, burning gas does molecular nuclear fusion today.

    Both legs of the gas cycle do MNF. So gradually will convert hydrogen to helium, and get excess oxygen. At lightning strikes we combine the hydrogen from space where the surplus oxygen, to get back our water.

    Carbon dioxide is how nature facilitates nuclear fusion on earth. A bit up engineering plant and titanium metal, we can convert over to man made methane as our gas source.

    There is no net output of carbon dioxide. The titanium metal bet was taught to me in my mentality degree in 1982. We need to talk with a biologist of the world to find out how nature does nuclear fusion on earth.

    Professors of physics have no idea. Professors of engineering can learn from the biologists.

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