Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Plants boost life

    Green plants sink all the available carbon dioxide to support more life on earth. They excrete the oxygen you need to breathe in. And make the carbohydrates animals eat. The great shortage on earth is available carbon dioxide.

    There was a smidge more carbon dioxide in the air in the late Jurassic, and 60% more life on earth. The amount of carbon dioxide in the air is actually controlled by the efficiency of photosynthesis to take the gas in. Two synthesis today is more efficient.

    For when the dinosaurs died so did the 60% extra life. That formed the fossil fuels. As we burn these we get that life back. But we do not increase of free carbon dioxide in the air. Harvard University did the mineral analysis.

    And found that carbon dioxide has stuck at two parts per 1,000,000 fall last 200 years. He and the little ice-age it was devise this figure. So burning the fossil fuels boosts life on earth. And increases the oxygen in the air.

    It does not mean there is no more carbon dioxide in the air. It means a more carbohydrates around the animals to eat. More oxygen and food, we get more animals on earth.

    So who made up global warming? To say that free Si 82 in the air controlled the weather? Take a bow, toxic nuclear power. They obviously did not take high school biology. Burning fossil fuels is the best thing man has done for life on earth ever.

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