Monday, 24 January 2011

Rational science

    Since green plants evolved 650,000,000 years ago the amount of carbon dioxide in the air has been pegged by photosynthesis. In the little ice-age this is four parts per 1,000,000. A low number.

    There after the little ice-age there were more plants and this fell to two parts per 1,000,000. Where to stay at ever since. Harvard University published in New Scientist August 2010: the magazine which uses the fictitious science of Global Warming to sell copies.

    So before last 200 years the level of carbon dioxide in the air has been static. The life on earth has increased by 20% -a fact confirmed by Harvard University again. This is basic high school biology. Non-controversial fact.

    So where did the phantom science of Global Warming come from? Nuclear power seized on some discredited science after Chernobyl. And invested ¼ billion pounds getting academic stooges to write papers on total fiction.

    There has never been a data set on increasing carbon dioxide in the air. Because it isn't possible. Go ask your high school biology teacher if you doubt this.

    2005 the world starts noticeably cooling. Nuclear power junked global warming, and pushed climate change. To save increasing level of carbon dioxide affects the weather. Back to that erroneous idea again. It now says the' global warming through climate change'. That means the 'global warming through global cooling. The whole idea was nonsense from the start.

    Carbon dioxide increases life on earth. It reacts to the natural wax and wane of green plants. Which reacts to the natural weather. During this period nuclear power has distracted everybody from are fatal nature of nuclear fusion.

    This pollutes, kills, is a massive target for terrorism and produces waste which is toxic for hundreds of thousands of years. And it is under economic. If he has already killed us all. They want a new generation of plants. And their hope is on their PR –global warming. They are rather proud of that bit of nonsense.

    In 2000 and this was my PhD. The applied pressure to Sheffield University to get it ended. I had been rather vocal about global warming being fiction by nuclear power.

    All the time nature does molecular nuclear fusion from water. Using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam to produce helium, oxygen, analyser heat.

    The most exothermic event is a lightning strike. That turns under a gram of water into 1.2 x 1020 Watts of power for three sections. The initial charge is set up by molecular nuclear fusion are going in a rain storm. The helium ions carry the positive charge to above the clouds, and the rest of the water molecule carry the negative charge to the ground.

    When we have 5000 volts we get a down strike from the gentle drift of electoral holes falling on the ground setting up a steam plasma. We then get an up strike of the power above. This exceeds the total power usage of America since the British arrived there.

    For free. The helium is lost to space. Like the helium for the sea as it does MNF. Waterfalls, breaking waves, green plants in the light, and animal blood systems all do MNF. And produce helium, oxygen, and gamma wave radiation: the signature of molecular nuclear fusion.

    Safe, clean and no toxic waste. For free. No fossil fuel burns. Burning fossil fuels sets up steam in turbulent flow, so gives out gamma wave radiation as it does molecular nuclear fusion.

    Nature is powered by molecular nuclear fusion from water. Somebody tell Greenpeace.

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