Saturday, 22 January 2011

Safe power

As I said in 2003 a steam engine give off the of helium and gamma wave radiation as they work. This is why even nuclear fission drives a steam process.

They are doing molecular nuclear fusion. Which is why he they generates too much power for the mass they burn: using E= mc2. The equation balances if you consider the working fluid thar is turned into helium and oxygen. That is the missing mass.

The polymerisation of the margarine is catalysed by an Face Centred Cubic metal –like titanium. This forms weak bonds with hydrogen so it capitalises all hydrogen reactions, like MNF (molecular nuclear fusion).

Thus to halve the fuel burn to run a steam process we titanium plate the working surfaces of the engine. This gives us the same power output for half the fossil fuel burn.

If we use steam injection we also increase the the MNF down by the engine. Carbon dioxide is not the problem today -as green plants sink it. The cost of the fossil fuels is the problem.

Combining these two ideas totally changes the equation for power production. We also prove that MNF is a real, important process.

Researching this real science will improve the reputation of Sheffield University. Continuing to allow the phantom science of climate change to be seen as having more than pluralistic PR will destroy tertiary education.

The problem here, isn't Sheffield University ended my PhD there no award. When I said global warming was fiction from nuclear power. They applied pressure to give my PhD ended. So they proved that man right.

Nuclear power is the enemy of life on earth. It is the technology we should not allow. Molecular nuclear fusion produces no toxic radioactive waste. It produces safe, clean, cheap power. Now that is a sort of technology Sheffield University wants to promote.

Not the toxic death of nuclear fission.

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