Thursday, 27 January 2011

Safe power

    All around and in us nature is doing molecular nuclear fusion from water. We just have no idea how I work yet.

    As the human heart beats, we get the release of gamma wave radiation at the heart and along the arteries. The mitochondria also metabolise carbon dioxide and water, like plants do. But we breathe out helium and methane.

    Green plants in the light do this form of biological molecular nuclear fusion. Producing power gamma wave radiation and helium: neither of which has a chemical source. It has to come from nuclear fusion, as there are no radioactive isotopes around.

    Nuclear fission is toxic to all life on earth. And lower sea is the technology man should not do. Plants enrich water bypassing it through a semi permeable membrane. So they do photosynthesis using heavy water.

    As I said in 2002, man is steam cycle does MNF. And yet we have never studied it this Engineering System doing nuclear fusion.

    Man is engine's do physical MNF. Like waterfalls and breaking waves. Nature is powered by molecular nuclear fusion. This does

CO2+3H2O ->He+CH4+3O.+E+γ    here E≤1.5 x 1024 Watts

    MNF is integral to life on earth. But is responsible in part, for the formation of cancer.

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