Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Simple science

    When the dinosaurs died at the end of the Jurassic so do 60% of life on earth. There carbohydrates formed the fossil fuels.

    So even if it burned or fossil fuels life on earth would take in the carbohydrates. Green plants sink the available carbon dioxide by the day.

    To suggest man's carbon dioxide emissions would increase their free carbon dioxide in the air is to be biologically stupid.

    At the end of every day the free carbon dioxide in the air above the countryside is two parts per 1,000,000. This is governed by the efficiency of photosynthesis.

    The the the the as Harvard have pointed out we could tweak the genome for photosynthesis to improve the excretion of free radical oxygen, which turns out to the polluting factor here. I would not recommend this. The nature as it is.

    So man made global warming and climate change are impossible. This would not be important if nuclear power was not trying to use Global Warming and as excuse to build more fatal plant.

    This is the reason I left heavy engineering: nuclear power are toxic death.

    Burning the fossil fuels is increasing life on earth. But not increasing free carbon dioxide in the air. So they can be no effect on the weather. All academics earning money from this phantom science have no right to be in academia.

    They should be off writing snuff fiction.

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