Monday, 24 January 2011

The universe is fusion driven

    Suns do loads of nuclear fusion, turning hydrogen and helium into the heavier elements. And releases massive amounts of heat. They do little nuclear fission. Which is so toxic to all life in the universe.

    Mankind developed nuclear fission from uranium at the end of the second world war. Nuclear reactors were originally designed to brew up plutonium for bombs. They produce uneconomic, toxic and polluting power.

    Around us nature does molecular nuclear fusion from water. Producing helium, oxygen, low power gamma waves and heat. The most exothermic events ocurrs from rainstorms.

    Here the gentle buffeting of water drops does molecular nuclear fusion. This is why rainstorms produce helium and gamma wave radiation. And they also produce an electric effect.

    So the helium is created as He2+, and we get hydroxyl molecules -2 x OH-. Physicists turm helium nuclei, Alpha particles. They rise to above the clouds an sit there as a field of positive charge. The hydroxyl ions carry the surplus electrons to the ground.

    When we have a potential of 5000 volts, and 100 amps we get a weak drift of electoral holes setting up a steam plasma between the ground and the clouds. We turm this lightening. The down stroke is ½ MW in power.

    We then get the flow of electrons up through the steam plasma. This releases 1.2 x 1020 Watts of power for three seconds. This is a guesstimate. I think the true figure should be 8 x 1023 Watts for three seconds. It does not matter.

    In the figure is more than the total power usage of man since he evolved. Lightning fixes the organic nitrogen as nitrous and nitric acid. This fertilises the ground, and without it there would be no life on earth. We are fusion driven.

    We also see a steam plasma at hot-smokers in the deep sea. These are created by the venting of geothermal steam into high pressure water. They support massive ecosystems away from solar radiation.

    We have not explored the deep, as we thought it was devoid of life. It should be teeming with life supported by molecular nuclear fusion. We should send an robotic probes which are unaffected by the pressure but can send video back to the surface. Or store the images for later downloading at the surface.

    Molecular nuclear fusion turns water into heat with no toxic radioactive isotopes. The 22O is produced by green crops in light. Along with 3He which we lose to space. A steam plasma turns the free hydrogen nuclei, with the chaotic flowing electrons into neutrons:

H++e- ->n0

    These bond with their helium and oxygen, causing them to repeatedly fission into hydrogen. We then get

2/3H+ ->E1

    The energy is as light and heat. So a steam plasma tube would convert water into heat and light with no toxic radioactive isotope. The gamma waves are so low powered they are of no concern.

    Power with no carbon dioxide and no radioactive waste. To me this has to be worth the wait it would take to investigate. Molecular nuclear fusion will generate nearly free power, and save life on earth.

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