Sunday, 30 January 2011

A water jet

    If you turn the working Geiger counter on your own chest, you can take your pulse. As the human heart does molecular nuclear fusion every time it beats. Two seconds to confirm the greatest discovery in history.

    This was taught to me by an engineer at BNFL. But it has been known to medics for 20 years. You get gamma wave radiation arming and arteries, but the pressure waves do not reach their veins; so they do no MNF.

    We can take a toy jet engine and modify it. So we have a loop of metal hose around the exhaust. We years is a metal as exhaust is made of, to prevent expansion problems. So promptly stainless steel.

    We start the engine up using aviation fuel. Was running we turn on the water from. This pumps water to the exhaust loop. We get a stream of super heated steam. We feed this into the space after the combustion chamber.

    Turning the aviation fuel off, we have at hypersonic jet that the owners of water. Jet engines are fusion devices. As demonstrated by use of a Geiger counter.

    The aviation fuel is weakly radioactive, the turbine is massively radioactive. More so if it is titanium plated.

    You have to be very lazy not confirm the human heart does MNF.


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