Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The world cools

    For 650,000,000 years plants have converted all the available carbon dioxide in the air into life. You are never commented on this point. It means that for the last 200 years carbon dioxide has been at two ppm: a static level. No effect on the climate possible.

    The hottest year of my lifetime was 1976. I have no recollection about 1998 even being unusual in the UK. 2005, we had a week's summer. For lose more than usual. Totally unexceptional.

    This year so far is called as 1963. They say he 2010 was as warm as 2005 or 1998. We have three years summer, so not only UK.

    Remember, global warming was meant to shift the base temperature of the climate around the world. So all countries would have been warmer. Every year for last 200. If not the last three billion.

    The 1950s, we had narrowly avoided another little ice-age. Just as the post war film was happening, an carbon dioxide was at its maximum ever. Create history lurched between ice-ages, when there was four parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air. Learn your earth sciences.

    1998 to 2005 is seven years. That was colder the 1998. Global warming was meant to warm every year.

    2010 was the coldest December on record. Global warming was meant to warm every day in the year. In the 1980s, snow would be a folk memory in the 21st century.

    Wrong. It was colder in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia and myself all have a record sea ice formation –it in as from a scientist there.

    So basically all the world was colder. All the locals commented upon it, even in India. I found it warm, not incredibly hot as it usually is.

    I holiday in Tenerife. When we were there, we have three days rain. First time in 25 years. I took this holiday in 2000.

    So carbon dioxide is pegged by photosynthesis. Global warming thus moves from 'A vague possibility' two a 'by totally impossibility'

    Professor Zimmerman e-mailed me to say he had published no papers on Global Warming, but it was possible science. It is impossible fiction from nuclear power.

    It was opportunistic phantom science after Chernobyl, and the collapse of the Soviet Empire. Russia, China and India do the buy into global warming.

    This next year should see China overtake the U.S. for emitting carbon dioxide. Luckily they are massive forests. But biology across the world can sink 40 times the carbon dioxide we give them.

    The all the fossil fuels represent the 60% of life on earth which died with the dinosaurs. The years then were quite warm. Life was teeming.

    It was the earth's golden time. So much better are bound down today. By burning the fossil fuels we are going to get that life back into the ecosphere the.

    Provided we don't get any new nuclear plants. The world out there does not buy Global Warming. Life on earth is so much safer without any new nuclear plants.

    As a person alive on earth, you should be interested in the way nature does molecular nuclear fusion from water. Safe, non-polluting, free and meters gone on for three billion years.



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