Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The big lie

17 January 2012

High school biology teaches that photosynthesis sets the level of carbon dioxide in the air: extra carbon emissions resulting extra life on earth. Not extra carbon dioxide in the air.
Professors of physics think mankind can affect the level of carbon dioxide in the air. They no less than a 40 old school child! Man can increase life on earth, but the weather was not being affected by mankind’s carbon emissions.
The global climate is controlled by solar emission cycles. Mankind has no input here! Even though use of nuclear fission, there were an abnormal heat import to the climate in the earth, is insufficient to offset the weather. You driving a car as a 0.0000175% to the carbon dioxide in the daily air which is converted into additional plant life.
Apparently professors of physics failed high school biology. There to be fair, says 2003 I have shut up about global warming. Chernobyl happened in 1986; and nuclear power publicised the idea of global warming through additional carbon dioxide emissions.
Totally wrong! To of years later the natural climate started cooling. In 1998-14 years ago. Any person who fought carbon dioxide might have affected the climate, was assured it would warm the air.
When nuclear power started pushing man made climate change in 2005, any person with any residual belief in the scare stories are nuclear power became a sceptic.
Only the people who set taxes for governments had any belief in carbon dioxide affecting the weather. Is just so wrong. Any high school child could set them right about it.
Carbon dioxide drives biology. Predictable solar emission cycles drives the weather. On a 28 year half wave length. This means we are having the climate of 1983.
We have a long term adjustment. 2010 was the most severe winter for 200 years. So happy as we are headed into another little ice age.
Right nor a bit of global warming will be very welcome. The extra carbon taxes are scientifically stupid. Governments should stop acting on behalf of nuclear power.
The most toxic industry on earth: go ask Tokyo about Fukushima. Or Asia about Chernobyl. Or even Cumbria about Windscale.
According to International Atomic Energy Authority Fukushima wasn’t worse release of radiation than Chernobyl. There the radiation went down into the groundwater of Japan rather than into the air all around the world.
This was after 34 years of safety improvements, that was stop another Chernobyl happening. The conformist societies or Japan and Germany have no renounced nuclear power.
Or badly the UK is more stupid. As for France, they were always a lost cause!

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