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Biological MNF & γs

22 January 2012

So are also the disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics and engineering. The disparate crew know part of the story, but have never linking altogether!
Physics maintains nuclear fusion requires 10 atmospheres, and 10,000,000° C. V10 million degrees C is a product of nuclear fusion! The pressure and which we see nuclear fusion on earth is only two atmospheres.
Physics also maintains that you need atomic hydrogen. Chemistry teaches that you need atoms of hydrogen, but they can be bonded in molecules! Strictly, fusion of any element below iron will release energy.
So must demonstrate that nuclear fusion from hydrogen and helium is required to sustain A sun’s gaseous bulk. I was taught 30 years ago that iron suns letter the cosmos, as non radiant, thermally contracted sphers.
There is no need to invoked a black hole, an iron sun will act as a super dense sources of gravity. That is non radiant. Above iron, nuclear fission releases heat. Only at uranium is is sufficient to be worth the effort. It produces toxic strontium and plutonium. So is a really bad idea! And don’t remind me, that during my time at Inco I made forgings for nuclear power.
I was not told this until after I had signed for sponsorship. This is why Inco and myself parties on my graduation.
Will Zimmerman providing me with the equation for the kinetic interaction of turbulence. I must look up the interactive force for gas plasmas! As this MPS to be the most engineering useful form of molecular nuclear fusion.
Life on earth exists down to 3° C, in the deep dark oceans! As Dr. Dyer has pointed out to me, all organisms on earth generate light at some level.
As he is not aware physics, it will be a surprise to him to loan that this is symptomatic of all biological organisms on earth do molecular nuclear fusion! We can roar out toxic nuclear fission.
I already knew that all life on earth produce gamma wave radiation and excreted helium and free radical oxygen gases. This is the chemistry link again! Mixed in with a bit of physics.
All life on earth turns regular water into gaseous helium and free radical oxygen. While liberating gamma wave radiation and loads of heat.
Plants do this via photosynthesis: my biology teacher referred to the photosynthetic organ as the photo blast. But other people refer to his as the photo plast. I have both are mutually understandable.
Animals and bacteria do molecular nuclear fusion at their mitochondria. It is the same process:
CO2+3H2O->CH4 the+He+3P+E+l+γ
Other biological systems use H2S. When we encounter helium life, we may be amazed at the molecular hydrogen compounds they use. It may be neither carbon or sulphur based.
Photosynthesis is us light initiated biological molecular nuclear fusion: here the lights is in the althorp violent frequency band. We observe again, that we are straddling the disciplines of chemistry and physics.
This is such an important idea! I mentioned in a recent e-mail it was worth in excess of 100 billion dollars a year. It leaves CERN looking very foolish.
Will Zimmerman mentioned to me that fluid turbulence of hydrogen gas might do nuclear fusion. It was not until 2007 that I realized nature used turbulence is steam or high pressure water.
So nature does loads of nuclear fusion! Which is why the natural world is for the release of helium and free radical oxygen plus gamma wave radiation.
This is why water is so important to life! It allows biological organisms to do nuclear fusion.

Jonathan Thomason T/F

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