Thursday, 5 January 2012

Carbon Credits 5 January 2012

Emit any country carbon dioxide produced in the cities is metabolised in the countryside. The latest European idea is to year countries like Brazil for hundred billion pound a year. Giving the money countries like China and Brazil.
Derek GPV-or overtaken ours. They receive non about carbon dioxide; as this is metabolised in their national boundaries. Why are we giving this country for hundred billion of our money? For nothing.
The global average carbon dioxide in the air around the world has not increased since the little ice age ended. Carbon obviously has no effect on the world climate: that is a nuclear lie!
Academics have received massive sums of money for preaching absolute rubbish since Chernobyl in 1986. There own carbon cycle teaches that plants metabolise all available carbon dioxide.
The last thing you Europe needs right now is a phantom tax designed to enhance the prospects of nuclear power. The most toxic industry ever.
The world would be better off we have estimated that money in researching molecular nuclear fusion: in actual fact it will require thousands of pounds to research, and generate billions of pounds within the first year.

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