Sunday, 15 January 2012

Carbon dioxide is green

Green plants take in carbon dioxide during the day to do photosynthesis. They build plant bulk and excrete oxygen. Man is additional carbon dioxide has been 0.0000175% a day over the last two centuries.
So carbon emissions increase life on earth. As we get more plants, we also get more animals to balance them out. 80% of the carbon dioxide in the air today is a result of animals exhaling the gas.
Man has had actually increased the level of carbon dioxide in the afternoon air. He has just increased the amount of life on earth. There are more plants taking in carbon dioxide.
Nuclear power postulated that burning the fossil fuels increased the level of carbon dioxide in the air. They are so obviously did not know their biology. The fossil fuels formed from the 85% of life on earth which died with the dinosaurs.
By burning the fossil fuels we increase the amount of life in the environment: we are steadily returning that life to the surface of the earth. As Harvard University put on record 2010 mankind has not increased the level of carbon dioxide in the air.
He has increased crop yields by 15%. So he is not affected the climate! If you look back to the Jurassic there were massive deciduous forests at the poles. And rainforest at the equator where there are no deserts.
So there was more life and MSN temperate climate! All over the earth. There was no nuclear fission going on. That is just too toxic! Only mankind does it. Windscale ,Chernopyl and Fukushima shows the folly of this idea! And carbon dioxide is death.
Burning fossil fuels is green! Increases life on earth! Nuclear power has spent ¼ billion dollars telling the world the carbon dioxide production is an green. They should read up on photosynthesis! Oxygen is the greatest pollutant in earth history. Carbon dioxide is plant food!

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