Saturday, 28 January 2012

Carbon is life

In the late Jurassic all the fossil fuels were circulating the environment: oscillating between carbon dioxide and carbohydrates. Then a comet hit in Mexico. 85% of life on earth died-including the dinosaurs.
Their carbohydrates abducted to the deep and formed the hydrocarbons: there we are now extracting and burning. Releasing that carbon back into the environment. 2010 Harvard University put on record that plant yields had increased by 15% last two centuries. But free carbon dioxide in the air has not increased says levels fell at the end of last ice age.
RE read that sentence! Carbon dioxide was last higher in the little ice age. It is a climate follower, going up in an ice ages. In the Permian mega ice age of prehistory it was at five times the present level.
The global average carbon dioxide level is two parts per 1,000,000- 0.0002%. It is the a static trace gas. The weather systems would only be affected by a very global average. Potentially. We have no way of knowing. Carbon dioxide has been static since the ending of the little ice age.
Who made up global warming? They paid stooges to nuclear power. As the global climate cooled from 1998 they shifted tack to man made climate change. Never actually worked out the details. Never actually realised the carbon dioxide levels are static because of photosynthesis.
Since when did you take environmental advice from nuclear power? And professors of physics in their pay. Global warming was obviously biologically impossible. Man made climate change is likewise impossible.
People who believe this rubbish chose seek medical help.

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