Sunday, 29 January 2012

The death of higher education

29 January 2012

All the fossil fuels carbon date to 65 million years ago. In late Jurassic there was 65% more life on earth even than their is today. Sea levels were 60 metres lower.
Before the fossil fuels formed, and all that carbon was circulating in the environment; there were natural ice ages.
The people who got the money into publicising man made climate change through increasing levels of carbon dioxide where nuclear power.
They totally ignored photosynthesis: which transformed additional carbon dioxide into extra life on earth. Man can not increase the level of carbon dioxide in the air! He can only increase the amount of life on earth.
By releasing that fossilised carbon, that died with the dinosaurs: burning this fossilised life releases carbon dioxide-the gas of life.
Carbon dioxide has remained A static trace gas. His level has not increased due to man. Ever. We are headed into the next little ice age now. Apparently man made climate change is nuclear speak for a natural ice age.
It has nothing to do with are burning carbon fuels. Which increases life on earth; but according to Harvard University had no effect on global average carbon dioxide levels around the world.
Level rises in cities are transient, and too minuscule an area to have any effect, potentially, on the weather systems. As there is no have been a level rate increased due to man it is totally impossible to predict this would impact the weather.
Through history biologists would ensure you that global climates relate to predictable solar cycles; and or not, related to the natural carbon dioxide levels in the air.
Academics have spent the last 35 years spurting rubbish about carbon dioxide and the world climate. They you want students to take huge amounts of money to study at universities.
That no less about the carbon cycle than high school students do. They have found fortunes spurting biological nonsense. Why would anyone be in their right mind wants to study in tertiary education?

Jonathan Thomason

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