Friday, 20 January 2012

The diesel cycle

If you hold a flame of a diesel fuel in the air, nothing happens. If you compress a tearful air mixture and compress it slowly, nothing happens.
But if you compress air, and then inject diesel fuel into the pressurised air we get ignition! With the release of heat, light and nuclear radiation. But visible light and nuclear radiation are only produced by nuclear reactions. And we have virtually no radioactive isotopes around.
The release of radiation is linked to the ignition! Ignition produces some helium gas! He’s has converted solar hydrogen ions from the diesel fuel into helium. Is has done molecular nuclear fusion.
To increase the power we produce from a unit of diesel fuel, we should titanium plate the working surfaces of the diesel engine. Burning hydrocarbons all carbohydrates does molecular nuclear fusion! Producing light and nuclear radiation.
Diesel fuel is not volatile. Only doing MNF if we pressurise the air, and inject this steam into the pressurised air! A working petrol or steam engine also does molecular nuclear fusion.
A modern steam turbine uses nickel alloy turbine blades, to have strength at higher temperature than we can get. A titanium turbine. But titanium is an Face Centred Cubic the metal, which is why a handful forms aluminium alloy! Which have strength at the required temperatures.
We should titanium plate the steam inlet side of the nickel blades. This will give twice the power output, while benefiting from the high temperature strength of the nickel turbine blades.

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