Monday, 2 January 2012

Extra life

For the last 650,000 years free carbon dioxide has been pegged by photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide levels can only rise in a natural ice age: so carbon dioxide follows natural global cooling.
In the Jurassic the main road, plant warms the fern. Carbon dioxide levels were twice today’s present levels. Yet the Jurassic had 65% more life than we see on earth today.
When the comet hit in Mexico 85% of life on earth died. And formed the fossil fuels: all of which there carbon date to 65 million years ago.
By burning the carbon fuels we will increase life on earth. But earth history shows we will not have any effect on the climate. Free carbon dioxide levels are at 0.0002%.
They have been at this trace level since the ending of the little ice age. A static level of a trace gas can’t affect the weather.
There is no foreign source of carbon fuels: they all fall from life which died with the dinosaurs. Nature does not do toxic nuclear fission.
Which produces plutonium, the most toxic substance known to our! Nature does not tried to two nuclear fusion. Too dangerous, expensive, polluting and plain fatal.
Nuclear power invested money in their discredited science of global warming after Chernobyl: when it wanted to see them as green. So chose to pick up the gas which supports all biological life on earth.

Jonathan Thomason

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