Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Extra life

17 January 2012
Says green plants evolved six and 50,000 years ago the level of carbon dioxide in the air is controlled exclusively by photosynthesis. All the carbon fuels mankind is now burning where life in the Jurassic, but died when the comet hit near Maxico.
The carbohydrates abducted to the deep and formed the hydrocarbons we know as coal and oil. Natural gas forms as geothermal steam passes over deep earth carbohydrates, and fracs them, forming methane. So even gas carbon dates to 65 million years ago air!
Mankind can not affect the average level of carbon dioxide in the global air. And that is the only number which might have affected the weather. Local variations have no recorded effect on the weather.
The last time free carbon dioxide was at four parts per 1,000,000, was in the little ice age. Since then he’s has fallen to and remained static at 2ppm. The weather has done its saying with a static level of carbon dioxide in the air.
As every science journalist in the world knows.

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