Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Fixing the truth

17 January 2012
The whole climate change debacle is very interesting: climate change itself does not actually predict anything. After the world started cooling 1998, nobody would ever be stupid enough over to predict global warming ever again. Yet people still making a living from predicting global warming!
I recommend investing a new thermometer: the global climate has been cooling all this millennia!
So you would expect some firm data are on atmospheric carbon dioxide! But photosynthesis ensures this number hasn’t changed for last two centuries. So thank the argument was over.
There are too many jobs resting on the climate debate. So they climate carbon emissions. Which I had devised by the PR Dept of nuclear power. This is like trying to predict or oil usage from the offices of British Gas.
And where do they get the numbers from? A heavy lunch time in the pub: they are guesstimates. They can’t measure real data, far better to fabricated data! That way nobody can contest it.
This approach has been adopted for the last decade, and has been staggeringly successful. But now people are being taxed on it potentially, they will want real data.
Date are which shows a is static level of carbon dioxide in the countryside: and cities are just too small an area to have any effect on the global average.
Harvard University got new scientist to publish this fact August 2010. Every climate pundits in the world weather edit. Not warm and has commented on it in a way! It has been totally ignored. Except by me.
Nature does nuclear fusion from the turbulent flow of steam or high pressure water. This produces inert helium, oxygen and loads of heat. As done by the deep sea. And pills of green crops. And your own beating heart. And water falls…
Nature does not do toxic nuclear fission from uranium and plutonium: the latter is the most toxic substance known to man. And he is the inescapable product of nuclear fission. Bomb technology.
Nuclear power was designed to abuse atomic bombs. Power generation was a later attempt at justifying this toxic process. It does produce power. Massively expensive power. With horrendously toxic waste.

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