Monday, 30 January 2012


Here we pump steam down to percolate up through carbohydrates containing shales: the carbohydrates is from life that died with the dinosaurs at the end of the Jurassic. A steam does physical molecular nuclear fusion:
Loads of lovely nuclear constants work years on a series of PH D’s and experiments. We get methane, helium, free radical oxygen and some ithis circulating steam. We get helium and heat generation. So we can loop back the hot steam. The gamma wave radiation is contained in the deep. They have just started doing this in Blackpool and have found a person year’s supply of natural gas.
This technique will work all over the earth! There are massive supplies of natural gas below Texas. This will massively overshadow the oil that was extracted from the ground below Texas. Old land area that was flooded as the Jurassic ended will have a massive reserves of carbohydrates containing shales.
Canada will find massive reserves of carbohydrates containing shales. It developed the for wrecking technology: from steam injection into nearly exhausted or oil Wells.
All these shales contain fossilised life. When we burn the natural gas, plants alive on earth today we’ll grow, absorbing the additional organic carbon. For the last 200 years man is additional carbon dioxide has increased life on earth by 0.0000175% a day! There has been no accumulation of carbon dioxide in the air.
In the presence of photosynthesis man has no control over the level of carbon dioxide in the air. All he can do is increase life on earth. Global warming was fiction from nuclear power: he is a thing man is is increasing death on earth! Go past Chernobyl or Fukushima. Or Windscale or …

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