Saturday, 21 January 2012

Fusion in the Deep

21 January 2012
Visible light can only be produced by nuclear reactions. Chemical reactions are not energetic enough. There we do get loads of molecular nuclear fusion is initiated by chemical reactions. So we are used to like being produced so personally by chemical reactions: this produces helium and gamma wave radiation, so they are really initiating nuclear fusion.
As I have been telling you for four years, life in the deep makes a habit of producing light flashes. They also produce helium and gamma wave radiation. So bacterial mitochondria are doing molecular nuclear fusion. This is damn interesting!
So biology turns out to more important for nuclear fusion on earth and physics is. Helical turbulence produces 2D kinetic interactions. A gas plasma releases 3D interactions.

The emission of nuclear radiation and gas plasma is is on record. I was in the 1980s! No scientist have done any work on this issue.
All suns in the universe uses a hydrogen or helium plasma to do nuclear fusion. This is why a sun’s Corona is warmer than the suns interior.
Life in the deep is the most accessible source of nuclear fusion we can study. Freezing by visible light and nuclear radiation: usually gamma wave radiation here.
If we send some biology is on a field trip down with a Geiger counter, we prove molecular nuclear fusion: for which Sheffield University still owes me a Ph.D.!
I am looking at studying the environment at Manchester University, as this would allow me to continue my work with the BBC gospel choir. And my folk group. Hopefully this summer will record a third album!
Jonathan Thomason

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