Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Global impossible

17 January 2012
In the age of the dinosaurs there was 65% more life on earth even than their ears today. When the comet hit in Mexico that life abducted down to the deep, were there carbohydrates transformed into hydrocarbons that are the fossil fuels.
Which is why all coal and oil carbon dates to 65 million years ago: a fact told to every science undergraduate on the planet. So every academic professional knows her fossil fuels are stalled all life from the Jurassic.
August 2010 Harvard University noted the average global carbon dioxide was there no higher than after the little ice age had ended. During an ice ages carbon dioxide levels are higher. It is a climate follower, it does not make the weather.
They also put on record in New Scientist that crop yields had increased by 15%. So all the organic carbon had been taken in to do photosynthesis. Exactly as high school biology teaches.
Man is additional carbon dioxide accounts for 0.0000175% additional carbon dioxide in the air every day. So every day plant growth increases by the amount. That free carbon dioxide in the air is still limited by photosynthesis.
So you are a work as a folk and gospel singer. Every science professional on this planet knows that carbon dioxide could never coals global warming. The period of natural climate warming stretch from 1970 to 1998.
So we have experienced fourteen years of climate cooling. And 200 years of a static level of carbon dioxide in the air. Those are the facts.
There never walls any man made global warming. And they can’t be any man made climate change-what ever that predicts. It is wrong.
As there is no increase of carbon dioxide in the air. That level is fixed by photosynthesis. And most and land surface of the earth is covered by green plants doing photosynthesis.
2004 New Scientist published a figure of 3.7 parts per 1,000,000 of carbon dioxide in the cities. I pointed out on the Internet that this was a very small number. Suddenly we get a lot of five that factor of 100.
So in 200 years carbon dioxide in the city had gone from 2ppm to 3.7ppm. In the next seven years carbon dioxide increased since he 390ppm. No it didn’t. These figures are fabricated. Place, time, and dateless. Sheer fabrication.
Air circulates, so wave from the rush hour at diesel exhausts even in the cities carbon dioxide is at the preindustrial 2ppm.
Why fabricated date are? Winemaker fictitious science? Because nuclear power is desperate to get new plants of death built before existing plants are decommission. It is the last death throw a the most toxic industry on earth.
And the scientists who have been helping nuclear power their PR obviously have no place in education. Governments are no trying to introduce a taxes on carbon.
Only trouble is, average global carbon dioxide is at a free industrial 2ppm. Unless governments are happy the nuclear stooges they should take this nuclear PR into the trash bin. Along with the pseudo scientists.

Jonathan Thomason JonThm9@aol.com

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