Friday, 13 January 2012

Global Warming impossible

Over 200 years mankind has increased the amount of carbon dioxide available for photosynthesis by 20%: that’s right, there is no more carbon dioxide in the air than after the level fell at the end of the little ice age.
Carbon dioxide levels can only rise in an ice age, when there is less photosynthesis: it follows global cooling! This equates to 0.0000175%. This is not pumping out. This is so minuscule nature will not even have noticed that man has evolved.
Mankind’s machines increase life on earth: Harvard University says crop yields have increased by 15% since the industrial revolution, which means non crop plants have increased by five per cent.
Nuclear power made up global warming to distract the world from Chernobyl. They have been massively successful! For only 10 million UK pounds a year. National governments have invested 10 billion dollars a year, as there is so much employment tied up by the nuclear industry.
It is just a shame nuclear power is so toxic, polluting and expensive. ED air have disguise the last point by the storage of plutonium spent fuel rods at Sellafield. All French nuclear says used fuel rods to store in Cumbria: help, one decent earthquake and the north of England is toast. Self illuminating toast.
Meanwhile nature does molecular nuclear fusion-turning water into inept helium, oxygen gas and heat. For free. A steam plasma tube will allow mankind to tap into this limitless power supplied. A safe and clean Power System. Leaving carbon dioxide to biology.
High school biology teaches that man can not increase the level of carbon dioxide in the air. Only increase or decrease life on earth. The industrial revolution has increased life on earth. Coincidentally, nuclear power kills it!

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