Sunday, 15 January 2012

The green gas

15 January 2012
Plants take in carbon dioxide to grow. Nuclear power tried to level carbon dioxide powers and green. It is air move gas, so is the ultimate green gas!
Man has increased the amount of carbon dioxide by 0.0000175% a day for last 200 years. This is less than the environmental noise cause by volcanic eruptions and local forest fire years.
So all the carbon dioxide has ended up as new life. There has been no increase of this gas in the air, and never could be due to mans activities, so there is no weather effect.
That is stupid! Oxygen is the greatest pollutant in earth history! That is destroyed serious wine. We are blinded so this because we metabolise oxygen. That is why animals evolved.
Their biggest mass extinction of prehistory was at the end of cretaceous, cause by two little carbon dioxide in the air. So the plant of plants and animals was altered to ensure there was more carbon dioxide in the global air.
Nuclear power is the most toxic, polluting and fatal industry that is all being developed. It is the ultimate them green technology: in fact it just kills everything! In an uneconomic way.

Jonathan Thomason

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