Friday, 13 January 2012

Kinetic fusion of water

13 January 2012

Where ever we have that kinetic interaction of high pressure water, we see the creation of helium and oxygen gases, gamma wave radiation and heat.
We do molecular nuclear fusion:
H2O->He2++2OH-+E+γ 2OH-+O2->H2O+O3
We often see the emission of visible light and pressure waves. Heavy rain does this, as do waterfalls breaking waves all the whole or biology! Molecular nuclear fusion releases 2x1015 Watts of heat a day.
We lose all the helium to space the same day, but there is still to our times as much helium in the air your breathing than there is carbon dioxide. The level of carbon dioxide in the air is controlled exclusively by photosynthesis.
All mankind can do is very the amount of life on earth. Since the industrial revolution life on earth has increased by 15%. But according to Harvard University the average level of carbon dioxide in the global air has not alter!
Molecular nuclear fusion generates inert helium and oxygen. You’re either in the oxygen and we lose the helium to space. No plutonium or toxic death here!
And it is free. Nuclear fission is the most energetic, produces plutonium and strontium and and is horrendously dear: EDF has hit in the later by storing used fission tubes in water baths around the world.
Sellafield in Cumbria is now the world’s largest repository of fuel grade plutonium. One earthquake, and the north of England is uninhabitable for 100 thousand years.
Summer fusion uses radio and sound waves to set up a bead of light in a water bath. There is no combustion or nuclear fission going on. We are seeing molecular nuclear fusion in action.
In time the water via will generate helium and oxygen gases, and life gives off gamma wave radiation-only possible from nuclear reactions!
Welcome to the fusion age! Nontoxic and free.

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