Friday, 6 January 2012

Life hope

Jonathan Thomason ‘JonThm’ on

There were three workhouses: faith is now Morrison’s. Charity was
demolished to make room for Salford’s bypass. Hope is now the finest
possible in the north of England.
They save lives there! Of people in Salford & Manchester etc.. They saved
the life of Chris-who if you knew him needs saving by the week. A really
great bloke! And the poor man is my best friend
He went into Hope, to have his kidneys ultrascanned. They being fairly sure
he was too old to be pregnant that week.
‘do you like rock music?’ The Dr. asked him. ‘it’s just your kidneys are showing
the affect of age and Boddingtons Best, or you like
your music too heavy metal!’ Samid joked with him.
‘no, I playi classical penny whistle!’ Chris informed
him. As they ultrascanned his stomach and chest.
‘great news! Who have no tumous’ he was informed. ‘yes get theatre
three prepped’ the Dr. informed
the intercom. ‘Chris now for emergency surgery’
‘surgery?’ Chris asked. ‘you have a choice’ Chris
was informed ‘emergency surgery to remove
the aneurysm from your coronary artery, or contact your solicitor to
ensure your will is in order’
‘who won their cricket?’ Chris askins 13 hours
later as he regained consciousness.r‘who cares’ said Diane
as she kissed the returning saint. ‘you had two weeks
before the aneurysm bust and killed you’ she informed him.
‘your back with us!’ Samir noted. ‘my boys beat England-
as normal! Serves them right for dropping Amid warm the team’ the Dr. fumed.
‘you are back living! Saving lives is what
we do’ noted Samir ‘I would recommend you have an regular
birth to death examinations though’
‘Why?’ puzzled Chris. ‘we find health checks for the dead
less therapeutically beneficial’ the Dr. as he left
to save another life.

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