Sunday, 1 January 2012

Lightening does fusion

Heavy rain turns regular water into helium and oxygen gases plus loads of heat! It does molecular nuclear fusion. Helium is created as the Alpha particles – He2+.
Rise to above the clouds layer. The negatively charged ions fall to the ground. When we have a potential of 5000 volts (100 amps) we get a lightening down strike.
This sets up A partial steam plasma to the ground. We see the gentle drift of electron holes to the ground, gradually discharging the potential.
But when the lightning bolt touches the ground we get massive up strik five terms of helium gas. This equates to 3x1039 Watts of power. So why not lightening strike liberates in three sections more energy than mankind has ever generated.
This formed loads of nitric and nitrous acids which fertilise is the ground. Without this system all land on the earth will be added an barren.
We get one lightning strike around the world every 3 minutes. So molecular nuclear fusion is the most important Energy System on earth.
It generates no carbon dioxide and more importantly no plutonium: plants take in carbon dioxide to do photosynthesis. So carbon dioxide is the gas of life.
But without lightening there would be no life on earth. So think about this: every 3 minutes around the world, for free, from regular water, nature does nuclear fusion on earth.

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