Saturday, 7 January 2012


7 January 2012
Around the world is one lightening strike every three sections. You are driven by rain storms: which generates helium+ and ozone- gases from regular water and oxygen.
When there is a potential of 5000 volts beating the cloud tops and the ground we get a lightening strike. This generates five terms of helium+ and 18 tonnes of ozone-. This equates to 3x1039 Watts of power for a lightening strike. 2x1044 Watts and nearly. This is one form of molecular nuclear fusion done by nature.
At room temperature and pressure. We do get pressure waves generated of eight atmospheres. We liberate so more light plus nuclear radiation.
Nuclear radiation is the province of nuclear actions: chemical reactions are not energetic enough. But we only have regular water, and no source of combustion.
Knowing this we can design power plants heated by steam plasma tubes. That generates no carbon dioxide or toxic plutonium. They turn regular water into heat.
It suddenly makes the whole of nuclear power redundant. And the European carbon tax is exposed as a nuclear fraud!
That breaks basic anti competition European laws.
Jonathan Thomason

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