Friday, 6 January 2012

Man has increased life

6 January 2012

As any professor of biology does, man is minuscule carbon emissions have resulted in plants growing return for 1/10 second longer a day: this represents 20% of the carbon dioxide plants can take in.
That is an additional 0.0000175% a day for last 200 years. Which has resulted in plants growing: so every day there are more plants to take in carbon dioxide. It is a cumulative amount. Man doesn’t suddenly great carbon emissions on one day.
They have built over two centuries. Meanwhile nature has had forest fires which and 1000 times as important as man is pitifully tiny carbon emissions.
Burning carbon fuels is the best thing man kind has ever done for life on earth. He has increased plants and animals living on the earth.
In the same way nuclear fission is the worst thing man has ever devised: as it is fatal to all life on earth.
Professors of physics talk about the effect of an increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Sorry there hasn’t been one. For the last two centuries carbon dioxide levels in the afternoon air have been controlled exclusively by photosynthesis.
All mankind has done is increase life on earth. Carbon dioxide can only rise in a natural ice age: it follows global cooling.
Nuclear power was scratching around after Chernobyl for any possible reason anyone would ever build a new nuclear power plant. They had invested heavily in education and this was payback time.
They got all the academic stooges, in physics and engineering, to write papers about the effect of carbon dioxide on the weather. Pretty stupid. Carbon dioxide is a static trace gas. There is no more in the air now than after the little ice age had ended.
How doing no carbon dioxide was whether? History shows us that it doesn’t. The only thing which says he does is the diseased minds of paid nuclear stooges.
These are last people we want in education. Global warming was nuclear fiction. Nuclear power will kill us all if we allow them new plants of death to be built.
There is no data set on carbon dioxide affecting the weather: because it doesn’t. It supports all life on earth. Without it there would be no life on earth. With no plants have being aware future free and no food for you to eat.
So you owe your life to the trace of carbon dioxide in the air. Carbon dioxide is life.

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