Monday, 23 January 2012

Mankind’s fusion

23 January 2012

Burning hydrocarbons all carbohydrates was away at mankind found to do nuclear fusion. If you add up the enthalpy for the unburned fuel, and the some of the ample free of the produced components-carbon dioxide and steam; burning these fuels should be endothermic.
Use of a Geiger counter proves that burning these shales produces nuclear radiation. But this is outside the frequency of electro magnetic radiation which is produced by chemical reactions.
In particular, visible light is too energetic! Chemical reactions can only be used low infra red light. Chemist have ignore this fact, as anybody knows their candles give off light! But the energy change of oxidising carbohydrates should produce a black flame! The last to do exist!
It is the molecular nuclear fusion that produces so much energy, we get gamma wave or X ray radiation. A simple gas flame should not emit heat. But it does.
Such basic science, when I queried this in 1983 I was told ‘gas flames produce heat and light! So there is obviously stuff we don’t know!’
I think a nice little paper on the gamma wave radiation of hydrocarbons planes would be a really useful thing to do now!
As it demonstrates that molecular nuclear fusion is happening in the kitchen and a you now. Producing no toxic radioactive waste product. The 3He decays in 0 004 seconds.
Molecular nuclear fusion is done by all organisms on earth! As Dr. Dyer pointed out, all life produces light as it metabolises its paid. All life also gives off gamma wave radiation and heat. Why are excreting helium gas.
Incidentally man is production of carbon dioxide has resulted in an increase in life on earth. So no more carbon dioxide in the air, so no more carbon dioxide in the sea either.
Jonathan Thomason

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