Tuesday, 10 January 2012

More life

10 January 2012
In the Jurassic all the carbon fuels were circulating around him the environment as organic carbon. It was the mess climate the earth has ever experienced: warmer Poles and a lighter equator. They are fossil fuels formed as the dinosaurs died.
Photosynthesis controls the level of carbon dioxide we C in the global air: and it is the global average that might have affected the weather. Had it not been static since carbon dioxide levels fell at the end of last ice age.
So mankind is burning of fossil fuels has increased life on earth. But as there is no more carbon dioxide in now in the air than last two centuries ago it is obviously not affected the weather.
Which has been cooling unnoticed for 14 years. Man made climate change is fiction from the diseased minds of nuclear power. We should not induce a carbon tax, as carbon is life.
We should introduce a plutonium tax: as plutonium is death!

Jonathan Thomason JonThm9@aol.com

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